Our new venture!

What a great fun way to meet people while producing a food orthat almost everybody likes! Some even reveal that they they are "addicted to Kettle Corn". 

Swanton Corn Fest

Another beautiful day at the Swanton Corn Fest.  August 16th seems to always have beautiful weather.  The people were great,  all of the food was great, we really had a good time.  Looking forward, God willing, to next year!  

Toledo Rib Off

This was our first year doing the Rib Off, I must admit we were a little disappointed.  We did ok, but received absolutely NO support from the promoters. .  For the price to get into the rib off, ( which was really expensive, the most we have ever paid) we expected much more out of them.  Not one vendor was happy with the situation.  No one ever came around to see how we were doing and NEVER announced that we were there and where we were.  I couldn't tell you how may people said "hey, we didn't even know you were over here".  That pretty much says it all.  Like I said, we did ok, but can only imagine how well we might have done had they promoted us.  Not sure if we will do it again!

Anthony Wayne High School

OMG, this was more than we could have hoped for.  What a beautiful evening and what nice people we met.  We did extremely well, never had so many people in line to buy kettle corn before.  It was busy, but fun!  It was even better than fantastic!  Unfortunately the weather for their homecoming game on September 20th  looks awful.  Thunderstorms all evening.  Not sure if we will be able to go to that one or not.  Popcorn sure hates rain and humidity.   

Toledo Antique Boat and Classic Car Show

The two day event (August 24th and 25th) was fun and the weather totally cooperated!  Met up with a lot of firefighters that Roger knows and even rekindled an old friendship myself.  It was't our most profitable days, but still a good time.  We are glad we did it and we are looking forward to next year!