Our new venture!

What a great fun way to meet people while producing a food orthat almost everybody likes! Some even reveal that they they are "addicted to Kettle Corn". 

University of Toledo Student Appreciation Day

As usual, another gorgeous day at the University of Toledo.  We do two or three events a year here and we ALWAYS have a wonderful time.  The weather always cooperates and the students and faculty are always so, so nice!  Our son-in-law works there now and that made it extra special.  We are looking forward to the one in the fall when they welcome the students back.  They throw a really nice party for the kids!  

The Toledo Jeep Fest

We so enjoyed the Jeep Fest, what a great event for Toledo. Over 700 Jeeps in the parade and people from all over the country. We had a great time. It was extra special having our son Jeff who just moved back to the Toledo area help us. We couldn't have done it without him. Even though there were scattered showers, it didn't seem to dampen any of the Jeep enthusiast's spirits! We're hoping they make it an annual event! Now, on to the Swanton Corn Fest on Saturday, August 20th. We always look forward to it every year, it is a fun and busy time. Stop by and get a bag of kettle corn and say hello!

Lucas County Fair

Well, now that the fair is over I must say that it was a major disappointment.  The attendance was way down from previous years and I am afraid that it seems to be on life support.  It didn't help that the weather was in the 90's with high humidity, not to mention the high winds.  As always, we meet great people and the other vendors and extremely nice.  We heard a great band play called the Distant Cousins and they were absolutely fantastic.  With they would have played for several more hours.  The band that came after them, not so much!  Not sure if we will do the fair again next year, it was a long, long 6 days.  On the upside, we got notification today that we will be at the Fulton County Fair this September which is a FANTASTIC fair.  Next the the Ohio State Fair, it is the best one around.  So I guess it is probably Goodbye Lucas County Fair - Hello Fulton County Fair!  

Rally by the Rails

Rally by the Rails in Walbridge, Ohio is always on our list every year.  The weather did not cooperate completely, but all in all wasn't a washout.  It was just a little chilly, cloudy and had a few sprinkles.   The sun came out Saturday around 5:00 and was smooth sailing from there.  We so enjoy seeing all the vendors that we haven't seen over the winter.  What a great bunch of people we have gotten to know.  We are looking forward to our next event!